Shiva Ashram

Just as a university educates you about the outer world, so an ashram is a university of the inner world. To understand your inner being through meditation and Self-inquiry and unlock the great power that is hidden within you is the role of an ashram. I invite everyone, regardless of race, religion or philosophical disposition, to visit the ashram and discover the true Self.

With love,
Swami Shankarananda

About the ashram

The Shiva Ashram is the home of Swamiji and Devi Ma and is a thriving spiritual resource, attracting seekers from around the world.

Established in 1991, and set on beautiful grounds spanning 7 acres, the ashram is a unique place for those seeking spiritual wisdom and inner solutions to life problems.

The teaching and practice of meditation and spirituality is available through Satsang and many other programs at the ashram. There is spiritual instruction for visitors and residents and courses for those who wish to teach meditation, Self-inquiry or hatha yoga.

A group of resident ‘ashramites’ live and work at the ashram, devoting themselves to spirituality and helping to run the organisation and our courses.

We welcome your visit

The Shiva Ashram is open to the public and welcomes everyone with love. We invite you to visit us on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Come to a program, register for a course, or consider a residential stay.

Our visiting hours are Monday to Saturday from 9:30am to 12:45pm and 2:00pm to 5:00pm

The Shiva Ashram is a non-profit charitable organisation.

Looking across the pond towards Mata Pita

Looking across the pond towards Mata Pita